Puchao Ramuna Soda Gummy n' Soft Candy - 50 g

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Puchao Ramuna Soda Gummy n' Soft Candy

Super Juicy and Chewy Fruit Candy!

If you’re craving something sweet but a bit on the different side, go ahead and try Puchaeo Ramuna Soda Gummy N’ Soft Candy. Wildly popular in Japan, Puchaeo Ramuna Soda Gummy N’ Soft Candy is made by UHA Mikakuto. 

The Puchaeo and UHA Mikakuto brands are iconic in Japan for a reason. UHA Mikakuto not only makes mouth-watering candy but is also known for caring about the health and well-being of its customers. You’ll appreciate this company’s refreshing approach to business. 

This candy has been imported all the way from Japan just for you, so go ahead and get your pack today.

50 g

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Customer Reviews

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micca borer
So weird, But good?

they're a mix between starburst and mambos. firm and strange. Tastes likes sprite and raspberry. the little fizzy balls.. such an interesting experience. Id buy them again.

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