Pringles Scorchin' Sour Cream and Onion - 5.6oz

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Spicy American Snacks

Scorchin' Cheddar | Potato Chips

You’re a refined flavour-chaser. You seek excitement in savoury snacks. Chips are your go-to movie snack. You love spice. Sounds like you? Well then, look no further for the perfect concoction of flavours - Pringles Scorchin' Sour Cream and Onion is here to bring the heat in the form of a potato chip, and we’re here to deliver them to you quickly to ultimately satisfy your spicy snack cravings. 

Get ready to savour the goodness of spicy sour cream, packed into this iconic container of Pringles chips. Stack these cheesy potato chips high because well, why not? They are Pringles after all. These chips are levelled up with the help of savoury spices like paprika for a spicy twist. Even the Pringles character is burning up on the container!

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Customer Reviews

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Keith Melnychuk
Good but not quite spicy enough

Good to try something different but found them to not be as spicy as I would have liked/expected with the “scorchin’” label. I have a pretty high level of tolerance so those with less may find them perfect

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