Power Poppers Sour Foami Suret - 88ml

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A Sour Candy Thrill!

Get ready to really "pop" your sour candy loving tastebuds with the thrill of the Power Poppers Sour Foami Suret.

This fun and amusing Canadian candy is a can filled with sour deliciousness! Just waiting for you to spray it into your sour candy craving mouth! 
Made with a foamy texture and comes in the flavours of Blue Raspberry, Green Apple and Strawberry.
A perfect novelty candy that is all-around fun! It's entertaining and would be ideal at a fun-filled birthday party. This yummy Foami candy could also be used to top off other desserts!
Amuse yourself and your tastebuds with the Power Poppers Sour Foami Suret!

Sold Individually, Colour/Flavour Chosen at Random.

Customer Reviews

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Heavenly C.

Did a sweets mukbhang with my daughter and it was one of the many sweets on the menu. I enjoyed it and so did my little one and my not so little one. Overall, it was quite good. Since it was randomly picked, we got the green one which was the sour apple flavour I believe.

Michele Campeau
My daughter loves them

She as a preference for the green apple one. It not THAT sour it's just weird to have foam in your mouth. But still good.

Keshia Kaneshiro
Sour foam

My kids enjoyed it.

April Adams
Review from 3 kids

I bought some of these for my 3 kids. None of them like them. Sorry

Vonn Trinh
Sour Foam

Fun concept. Got the blue Raspberry. Will buy again fir my kids