Pop Rocks Xtreme Sour Berry Blast/ Savage Sour Apple - .24oz.

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Xtreme Sour Pop Rocks

Have a real taste of a blast from the past with the Pop Rocks Xtreme Sour Berry Blast Savage Sour Apple!

You'll love to taste and feel this exciting retro candy erupt in your mouth! This remarkable candy starts off as a quiet fizz before turning into an explosive pop of sour candy deliciousness! 
Taste the action of berry and apple flavours with that sour and explosive zing guaranteed to really burst in your mouth!
Poprocks have been poppin' our tastebuds since 1976! This retro candy has a magical quality to it that never gets old! 
Be deliciously dazzled with the exciting taste of the Pop Rocks Xtreme Sour Berry Blast Savage Sour Apple!

Pop Rocks are one of the Top 20 Retro Candies


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    Customer Reviews

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    Jessica Wheaton

    This candy has been impossible to find and I found it here! I’m also able to get candies not sold in stores anymore! I love this site!

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