Oreo Banadas Choco Blanco White Fudge Covered Cookies - 246g (Spain)

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Elevate Your Oreos with Oreo White Fudge

Your favourite dunkable cookie just got a makeover! 

The Oreo Banadas Choco Blanco White Fudge Covered Cookies are imported from Spain and will certainly tantalize your tastebuds!

Ok, you're going to need that glass of milk! These Oreo cookies offer a crisp cookie made with two rounds of chocolate wafers that hold inside a delicious white creme and are completely bathed in a blanket of white fudge!

Just when you thought Oreo couldn't get any better! These Oreos offer that crisp texture along with that smooth and creamy texture, making for a triumphant cookie-eating experience!

It's Oreo time! Elevate the entire experience with the Oreo Banadad Choco Blanco White Fudge Covered Cookies!

246g (8.7oz) 

Made in the USA

Customer Reviews

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Danielle L.

The best oreos I have ever had so far.

Brian B.

Oreo White Fudge Covered