Oreo Mint Gluten Free Cookies - 12.4oz

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Gluten-Free Cookies from Oreo

We all deserve a dunkable cookie! Get your glass of milk ready and dunk away with the Oreo Mint Gluten Free Cookies.

These Oreo Cookies will give everyone that delicious slam dunk they crave! Featuring two round chocolate wafers that are made with gluten-free flour and a middle of delectable, luscious-tasting mint-flavoured Oreo Creme.
A gluten-free snack that you can feel good about enjoying. Every bite is a perfect balance of that chocolate and mint. This pairing of flavours is refreshing, bold and sweetly satisfying! 
Be a smart cookie with the Oreo Mint Gluten Free Cookies!


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Customer Reviews

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Autumn Dillabough

I ordered 3 packages of these when I saw the price (they’re listed for $25+ EACH on Amazon Canada). So when I tell you these are the best thing to grace the earth… I mean it. They are ALSO double-stuffed. I don’t even recall them being advertised as such, but it is not the thin line of creme filling in these bad boys. I ate an entire package in one day, y’all. And I had polished off the other two before the end of the week. My poop was black from eating so many Oreos in such close succession. So if that doesn’t tell you how utterly delicious these are, I don’t know what will. 🤣

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