Oreo Chocolate Hazelnut Cookie - 17oz

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Exclusive NEW Release from Oreo!

Chocolate Hazelnut Creme Cookies

2021's Must-Try Snacks

The craveable combination of chocolate and hazelnut makes a winning comeback with Oreo's newest version of Hazelnut Cookies.

In 2020, rumours had it that Nabisco would be releasing a special new flavour: Chocolate Hazelnut. Highly anticipated by Oreo & Nutella fans, we can finally rest assured knowing that we can get our hands on a pack of these special Hazelnut Oreos.

The long-awaited Chocolate Hazelnut flavour takes the front seat this year with its delectable hazelnut infused créme, sandwiched between two original Oreo chocolate cookies, just like we're used to.

It gets better knowing that this is not a limited edition flavour - meaning that it is a permanent addition to Oreo's extensive line of delicious cookies. It's that good.

Indulge in a cookie like no other, as you dip this perfectly formulated Chocolate Hazelnut Oreo in a glass of cold fresh milk. 

1 family size pack Oreos - 482g / 1lb 1 oz

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Customer Reviews

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Craig A.
Great treat!

Really nuce treat for Oreo fans. Nothing negative to say.

Approved by a Nutella lover

These oreos are amazing!! The hazelnut flavor comes right through after your first bite. Taste almost like a jar of Nutella, just a hint different..but unless Oreo collabed with Nutella, youre never going to get the OG flavor of it. Overall 9/10


The cookies were good however I feel like they needed to taste a little more like hazelnut 😊


these cookies are delish. i’m so sad they aren’t officially sold in canada. the filling tastes just like nutella.