Oreo Carrot Cake Family Size - 17oz

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Oreo Carrot Cake Cookies Canada 

We hate to "dangle a carrot" in front of you, but we know you'll thank us when you taste the immensely delicious Oreo Carrot Cake Cookies!
Sink your teeth into two carrot cake-flavoured cookies, and in the middle, you'll meet a luscious-tasting filling of cream cheese creme! These delectable Oreo Cookies are, of course, supremely dunkable if you wish or just fantastic tasting as they are! Share with your friends and family after dinner and spread the love.

Indulge in the moments with the Oreo Carrot cake Family Size!

17oz (482g)

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Customer Reviews

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Danielle McKerlie
Fun new flavour!

It is cinnamon-y, not super carrot-y, but still a delicious cookie!

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