Now and Later Extreme Sour-2.44 oz.

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Extreme Sour Candy

Sweet Retro Candy Brand Gone Extreme...Sour!

Pucker up Sweeties! These Now and Later Extreme Sour Fruit Chews are 3 times more sour than the original flavour. It's a taste bud explosion with flavours including Sour Watermelon, Sour Cherry, and Sour Apple. And you can eat some of the sour candies now and save some for later.

  • 16 Individually Wrapped Candies

    2.44 oz. Bar

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    Customer Reviews

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    Top tier sour, but not the sourest.

    I've tried Now and Later before. Always enjoy them. What I love about Now and Laters is the organization of the flavours - come in separate packages in the main package. They're reminiscent of Starburst, with a nice creamy-chewy texture. Although, these are sour, they're not "scratch the roof of your mouth sour", or the "make a funny face" sour. Enjoyable nonetheless, and would buy again!

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