Nerds Rope Christmas Candy - .92oz

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Christmas Candy from Nerds

Christmas Stocking Stuffers

Tis' the season to be jolly, especially with this festive Wonka Candy.
The Nerds Rope Christmas is rumoured to be Santa's favourite candy!
Who can blame him?
Starting off with a tender and chewy gummy candy middle that is
completely covered with the colourful red and green crunch of Nerds Candy.
It's believed this is Santa's chosen Wonka Candy for
his long and cold sleigh ride home!
This celebratory Nerds Rope is ideal for deliciously 
celebrating the Christmas season.
Stuff those hanging stockings full or sweetly
finish off a gift with this superb sweetness!
Rope your tastebuds in with the fantastic and
fun taste of the Nerds Rope Christmas Candy!

Made in USA

.92oz Nerds Rope