Nerds Candy Double Dipped - 47g

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Double Dipped Nerds Candy

Watermelon Apple & Cherry Lemonade

Who doesn't want to double the deliciousness? We say double it with the incredible taste of the Nerds Candy Double Dipped!

These jaw-droppingly delicious candies come with twice the flavour in one tiny Nerds Candy!
Crunch away on the amazing flavours of Wild Cherry dipped in Lemonade and Watermelon dipped in Apple. You really can have it all with this candy. Each taste is filled with intense tanginess, perfect crunchiness and the ultimate satisfaction of sweetness!
Let your tastebuds dip into this delightfulness and find out why twice is nice with the Nerds Candy Double Dipped Watermelon Apple Cherry Lemonade!

1.65 oz.Pack

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