Millions Apple Tubes

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A Retro British Candy Treat

The Tiny Tasty Chewy Sweets

Millions Apple are chewy sweets with a crunchy shell that have been enjoyed by British Candy lovers from around the world. 

Made with real fruit juice | No Artificial Colours | Vegan  Vegetarian 

65 g

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Dwan Crowe

Love how fast it shipped out. Would love more flavours

Wendi J
Itty Bitty Chewy Bits of Sweet Apple

Cute and tiny, sweet, chewy, and apple-y. Not for smaller kids, as they're very small and easy to choke on. But if you're an adult that likes the flavour of sweet apples, chew on these lovely little things. I actually thought these were going to be a bit more tart, but in fact they are quite sweet, maybe a bit overly sweet for my taste (I always preferred a nice MacIntosh apple over a Delicious). But if you like sweet candy, go for it.

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