Mentos Mix on the Beach

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Experience the Fruity Mix with Mentos Mix on the Beach

Bask in the glorious sunshine with Mentos Mix On The Beach!

Grab your best flip-flops and your coolest shades, and get ready to feel the hot sand slide between your feet as you indulge your senses in these cocktail beach-inspired Mentos candies.

It's a delicious beach day with the fruity combinations of Strawberry-Banana, Mango-Passion, and Peach-Orange.

Each Mentos candy features a firm candy shell on the exterior and a chewy, flavourful middle. Sure to have you happy revalitizled and dreaming about those delightful Summer beach days!

Regardless of the season, you can enjoy these Mentos at any point of the year.

Walk on sunshine with Mentos Mix On The Beach!

37.5g (1.32oz) 

Made in the Netherlands