Maynards Swedish Berries - 64g

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These Swedish Berries are Made in Canada

Indulge yourself in the "berry" delicious taste of Maynard's Swedish Berries!

This Classic Canadian Candy is a cute, red-coloured, berry-shaped gummy candy. Filled with the succulent and luscious taste of berries and is just waiting to sweetly burst all that berry goodness in your mouth!
Swedish Berries are a staple in the world of candy! We've all happily had our hands in brown, crinkly bags and eaten mounds by mouthfuls, and some of us have even unwillingly shared them! 
Maynards Swedish Berries will remain in our candy repertoire forever! A favourite old-fashioned candy that remains a must-have and craved for candy!
Savour the chewy satisfaction with the one of a Canadian kind, Maynards Swedish Berries!
  • Red berry-shaped soft, chewy candies
  • Made with real fruit juice.
  • Old Fashioned Candy favourite!
  • Fat-Free
  • Made in Canada

64 g

Maynards Candy is Canada's #1 Candy Brand

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