Lorena Candy Crayon-Grape

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Lorena Crayon Grape Mexican Candy

 Crayon Grape Soft Candy

    280 g | 10 Pack

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    Customer Reviews

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    Just like I remembered it!

    "Candy Crayons" were something I loved as a kid. I have been searching for years trying to find them again. (I had no idea they were a Mexican candy. Not sure where my Grandma got them from back in the 90's.) I'm so glad I finally found a place in Canada that sells them and the flavour did not disappoint. The sweet and tangy taste is addicting. I remember grape was my favourite as a kid. I just wish they were a little more full. You have to crank the bottom half way up before anything comes out, part of that could be that some of it has ended up inside the lid instead. Still I'm happy to have had these again and now I know where to look in the future. I think I'll have to give the other flavours a try as well.

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