Livewires Sour Tongue Painters - 1.4kg

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Feel the sour power of Livewires Sour Tongue Painters

Paint the town red and while you're at it, your tongue!

The Livewires Sour Tongue Painters will allow you to unleash the artist within.

This long and luscious sour candy has a soft and chewy outer layer and a velvety and creamy filling. Coated on the outside with sanded sugar, offering an enhanced texture and a sweet and sour zing!

Experience the sour tang and the fruity flavours of Apple, Strawberry, Blue Raspberry and Cola.

These livewires are really high voltage! The most entertaining and delicious sour candy you will ever taste!

Be electrified with the Livewires Sour Tongue Painters! 

3lbs (1.4kg)

Made in Holland

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John S.
Super Fresh

They are very tasty.