Little Debbie Star Crunch Cookies Caramel Crisp - 369g **BB JUNE 06/24**

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 Reach for the stars with Little Debbie!

Be the star we know you are with the Little Debbie Star Crunch Cookies Caramel Crisp.

These American snacks will have you drooling! It starts off with a soft and chewy cookie that is deliciously topped with crispy rice and caramel. Finished with a coating of superb-tasting fudge.
This cookie is altogether delectable. Filled with mouthwatering textures and flavours. Surely your tastebuds will soar over the moon with this cookie!
Makes the perfect choice for lunches and snack times. Pairs well with a hot cuppa joe or a spot of tea. Great for a quick and easy dessert. Why not top it off with your favourite ice cream or make an epic-tasting ice cream sandwich?
For an out-of-this-world delicious snack, nothing beats the Little Debbie Star Crunch Cookies Caramel Crisp!

Contains: Wheat, Soy, Milk, and Eggs.
It may contain Peanuts, Tree Nuts.



All Little Debbie and Drake's food products are kept frozen for maximum freshness after production.  However, please note that these products will always have short expiry dates (indicated in product title) because they are fresh pre-baked goods, so it is not possible for them to have extensive shelf lives like candy.

Customer Reviews

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Jennifer T.
Star crunch cookies

Was so excited to try these cookies. When they arrived I immediately opened them. They tasted good but maybe a little stale. Thought it might be just from delivery time and what not. Then I noticed they were expired. To my surprise. So I then went on to check my other products. Candy was fine however both cans of pop that I received were also expired. Not by a week or so but the crush grapefruit was expired as of Jan 2023...close to a year expired.
As a company who deals in food products, it's appalling that you are sending out expired product. Not good and makes me rethink ever ordering anything in the future.
Total shame. you offer great stuff but you really need to be diligently checking expired and BB dates. If people are willing to pay the cost for this, be respectful and make sure it's fresh..

Tasty treat

Delicious chocolate crispy treat ,could eat a box with cuppa tea lol .. So happy to have this treat back in my life 💕