Laffy Taffy Ropes - 48 Count

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Laffy Taffy: A joke on every wrapper.

Rope your tastebuds into the incredible taste of the Laffy Taffy Rope. 

This delicious tasting Taffy Candy comes in a 48-count container filled with the yummy flavours of Strawberry and Sour Apple.
Each piece is luscious and long. Ultimately chewy and stretchy, tender and moist and magically made with a long-lasting intense taste.
Not only will you taste that Wonka-esqe deliciousness but you get a funny joke on every wrapper, now that's what our beloved candy boss calls "candytainment"!
To be at the "end of your rope" is actually yummy in this case!
Delve into the impressive fun with the sensational taste of the Laffy Taffy Rope!

Sweet Addition to any Candy Buffet or Birthday Celebration

  • 48 individually wrapped candy ropes
  • Approx. 12" Candy Ropes
  • 80 Calories per Rope
  • Jokes on every wrapper
  • Including sour apple and strawberry flavours

48 Count 

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