Laffy Taffy Guava Pineapple Candy - 99.2g

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Laffy Taffy Inspired by Mexican Candy

Have a taste of the exotic with the Laffy Taffy Guava and Pineapple!
This delicious taffy candy is made with incredible chewy and stretchy texture and is bursting with the impressive fruity flavours of Guava and Pineapple!
You'll feel like you're in the warm and sunny tropics when you're eating this Laffy Taffy! 
Not only do you get to sink your teeth into such remarkable taste you get a joke on every wrapper! It's a double whammy of deliciousness and Wonka fun!
Take your tastebuds to a sunny destination with the Laffy Taffy Guava Pineapple!
  • American Candy
  • Kosher Certified
  • Wonka Candy


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Customer Reviews

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Rick S
Tropical Goodness

I love all Laffy Taffy but this Pineapple flavor is amazing!!

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