Kit Kat Mini Cheesecake (Japan)

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Japanese Kit Kat Canada

Have a decadent taste of cheesecake with the Kit Kat Mini Cheesecake from Japan!
A popular Japanese snack that is deliciously made with light and crispy wafers in the middle combined with the smooth and rich taste of cheesecake and finished off with a creamy coating of white chocolate!
The Kit Kat mini candy bars are individually wrapped making them perfect for sharing with your bestie and a convenient snack for on-the-go travel!
Relish in the rich taste of cheesecake with the Kit Kat Mini Cheesecake!


Individually wrapped

Contains KitKat Bars

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Customer Reviews

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Better than crack

I ordered these one time….. Next thing I know, I’m in japan getting the life long hook up on these things for my people here in Detroit. [****] I’m hustlin these Crackers!!

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