Juicy Drop Gummy Dip N Stix - 96 g

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Dip it! Chew it!

Sweet Gummy Candy Sticks with Sour Dipping Gel

Juicy Drop Gummy Dip N Stix allows you to play with your food and eat it too. The chewy candy sticks surround a sour fruit-flavoured gummy gel. Juicy Drop Gummy Dip N Stix is a sweet and sour candy in the puckering flavours of Wild Cherry Berry, Blue Rebel, Knock Out Punch and Watermelon Blast.
  • Grab and go single-serve containers
  • Flavours picked at random
  • Flavours include Blue Rebel, Knock Out Punch, Watermelon Blast, Wild Cherry Berry

**Flavours selected at random **

96 g

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
The sour dip is awesome.

The sour dip is awesome.

Pretty good

We loved the sour dip but the sticks weren’t for us, we used rope nerds to dip and was 100x better

Michele Campeau
The sticks are great but liquid in the middle...... oh no, not very good

Really didn't find the liquid good at all but it's worth the buy anyways cause the sticks are excellent really.

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