Valentine Jolly Rancher Valentine Misfits Gummies - 311 g

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Misfits | Valentine's Day Edition 

2-in-1 Flavour Gummies

Take your tastebuds on a fantastically fruity adventure this Valentine's Day with Jolly Rancher Misfits Gummies Candies. These soft and chewy gummies combine original Jolly Rancher flavours together to create an explosion of deliciousness in your mouth!

These 2-in-1 gummy candies come in mouth-watering flavour duos of:

Blue Raspberry + Watermelon | Strawberry + Lemon | Green Apple + Cherry

Jolly Rancher Misfits create an undeniably delicious combination when two flavours join forces within each gummy candy!

This bag comes with 30 Valentine exchange pieces to share or trade with your friends! 

1 bag - 226g

Fresh Valentine's Candy Shipped to Canada & USA!

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So good!

Love all of the flavours in the bag. Jolly rancher anything is my favourite but these are so good!