Jolly Rancher Tropical Hard Candy - 6.5oz

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Tropical bursts from Jolly Rancher

Taste the tropics with this hard candy from Jolly Rancher.

Get your flip-flops on and grab your coolest-looking shades! Your tastebuds are going south with the Jolly Rancher Tropical Hard Candy!

Imagine reclining seaside while the waves crash and the palm trees sway. Your stomach growls, and you hungrily reach for tropical fruits but instead find a bag of Jolly Rancher Candy!
No problem, this won't ruin your imaginary vacation. This hard candy will just enhance it. Savour it slowly or crunch right through it and happily discover the sunny flavours of Golden Pineapple, Fruit Punch, Lime, and Mango.
Each flavourful candy offers a flawless taste of the tropics. Robust and intense fruit-filled flavours that will more than sweetly satisfy!
Jolly Rancher has been delivering its action-packed candy since 1949. Made with true-to-life fruity goodness that will stir up your tastebuds!
Bask in the sunshine with the Jolly Rancher Tropical Hard Candy!


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Great variety

I bought these to use as stocking stuffers for Christmas. There were delicious flavours in each bag for everyone!