Jolly Rancher Lollipops

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Long-Lasting Lollipops from Jolly Rancher

Original Flavours

Are you a sucker for incredible fruit-filled flavour? Don't worry. We got you with the Jolly Rancher Lollipops!

These spectacular lollipops offer that one-of-a-kind Jolly Rancher taste. Prepare for your jaw to drop as you embark on indulging in this retro candy.
As you unwrap these sweet suckers, the fruity fragrance will have you drooling in anticipation!
Crunch through them or slowly savour the flavour as you experience the extraordinary flavours of Apple, Watermelon, Cherry, and Pink Lemonade.
Jolly Rancher has been offering us exceptional-tasting candy since 1949! Famous for its fruity and intense flavours and extensive line of innovative candies. This classic candy deserves a spot in every candy stash!
Savour the flavour with the Jolly Rancher!

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