Hershey's Santa Hat Kisses - 7.8oz

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A Kiss of Holiday Magic in Every Bite!

Hershey's Kisses are an old fashioned candy that has been around since 1907! Made from the most delicious Hershey's creamy milk chocolate. Urban legend has it that these delicious candies were named kisses because of the sounds the machinery made when depositing the candies. 

Hershey's Santa Hat Kisses are the original milk chocolate Kisses that we love, but with a festive foil wrapping that mimics Santa's iconic red hat! When you see these Hershey's Santa Hat Kisses, you will be delighted by holiday joy wrapped up in these bite-sized chocolates.

The silver foil wrapping and the delicious milk chocolate within make Hershey's Kisses a perfect addition for wedding candy, showers, corporate events, candy buffets or any party! Or add to a candy dish and munch away.

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Kosher | Gluten Free 

311g (11oz)

Made in the USA

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Bought to give to the kids.

They were to hand out. They seemed to be a hit. Ordering and delivery was great