Hershey's Indulgent Caramel Flavor Syrup - 22oz

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Pour on the Hershey's Syrup

Add indulgent caramel flavour to your favourite sweets and homemade treats. Try this kosher and gluten-free topping in classic chocolate milkshakes, on brownies or as a dip for sliced apples.

  • An American Classic Treat Since the 1920s
  • Kosher
  • Gluten-Free

623 g

Customer Reviews

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Definitely better than the grocery store caramel syrups I’ve been able to try but still can’t find something that replicates Starbucks caramel !

Julie Gaumond

The best Syrup.

Barbara Arnold
My Favourite

This is the best. So glad to be able to get it in Canada. Up until finding your website I would have any friend or relative travelling to the US buy it for me. Last time I visited the US I had 24 bottles. And the guy at the border thought I was crazy! I explained to him why I had so much.
So glad I can buy it! I have had several mouth/jaw surgeries and my ability to eat is limited. I so enjoy this syrup on my ice cream , one of the few foods I can easily eat.