Haribo Vulcano

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Haribo Candy from Germany

German Haribo.

  • Made in Germany

175 g


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Customer Reviews

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loved it

Haribos never disappoints. This candy was awesome!

Bacon Lady
So Good

I love sour candy and these are delicious and sour. They have a soft white gummy base, topped with a sweet gummy volcano, filled with sour lava. The flavors are green apple with sour apple gel, sweet orange with sour blood orange gel and blue raspberry with sour red raspberry gel. The perfect balance of sour and sweet. If you bite the top off and squish the volcano the lava will ooze over the candy for a fun tasting experience.The lava is very sour on its own. These are fun!

Heidi Z.
Tangy and delicious

I absolutely adore these. As with all Haribo being made in Germany, it just tastes better. A chewy outside with a tangy juicy burst of flavour in the center.

Sam Matson
Sour filling

I thought it would just be a gummy but there is an odd sour filling in the middle. Def worth a try!