Gustaf's Tid Bitz Soft Licorice Bites - 5.29oz

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#1 Snack of the Netherlands!

Tid Bitz Licorice Candy 

Finland's Traditional Soft Licorice Bites

These chewy bits of soft licorice are a classic Dutch treat that remain a favourite since the late 1800's, and if you love black licorice, you'll know exactly why!


Unbelievably Sweet Fact: The Netherlands consumes the highest consumption of licorice in the world! Each person eats more than 4 pounds or 2000g per year! 
Although we can assume Finland, Scandinavia, Germany, & others are close to follow, because they love their licorice too!

  • Made in The Netherlands

    1 peg bag | 5.29oz | 150g

    Fresh Dutch Candy Shipped to Canada & the USA!

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    Customer Reviews

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    Michel Mathieu
    Bon produit frais , Mais pas assez dans un sac , trop bon

    j'en veux d'autre ...

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