Gustaf's Dutch Licorice Beehive Candy

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Black Beehive Licorice Candy

Made with a Touch of Honey

Gustaf's Dutch Black Beehive Licorice candies are a semi-firm, sweet black licorice candy and are shaped as a skep. They contain 8% honey as one of the sweeteners. 

About Gustaf's Licorice Candy

Since 1876 Gustaf's candy factory has created endless varieties of licorice candies. Because the Dutch people are such consummate connoisseurs of licorice, they are able to choose from a large array of recipes from salty to sweet or firm to chewy. Gustaf's will have the licorice candy you desire at the standard you have come to expect.

  • Made in the Netherlands
  • Non-GMO

150 g

Customer Reviews

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Alana Ronald
Great stuff!

Such a soothing, sweet, throat & taste-pleasing treat! I'll buy it again

Dean Macaulay

I've already reviewed this product - pls dont become a pest.