Gummy Zone Leaping Frogs Candy-1 kg

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Sour Leaping Frogs Gummy Candy

Gummy Zone Leaping Frogs are soft and chewy gummy candies that are bursting with delicious flavours. Urban legend has it that if you kiss these delicious little frogs they will turn into a prince. NOT TRUE. But what is true is that they are soft and chewy and very yummy. True.

  • Soft and Chewy and bursting with flavours
  • A sweet addition to any candy bar or celebration
  • Bulk Candy bag is great for the pantry or office

1 kg

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Customer Reviews

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Saiki K.
The BEST gummies ever

They were 🤌✨ DELICIOUS☝️🙄😩 you should definitely get a pack or two or more ✋👹✨

Best candy ever

Not exaggerating, idk if it was just this one bag or what but I’ve never had better frog candies ever in my life, I lost my job recently or else I’d buy 100 bags.