Ganong Chicken Bones Bites - 180g

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NEW Bite-Sized Candy Version!

The Original Chicken Bones

Spicy Cinnamon Hard Candies w/ Chocolate

An iconic candy maker, Ganong has been making this legendary treat since 1885. These are the Original Chicken Bones, so you can be sure of the genuine experience.

Ganong Chicken Bones a delectable candy with a spicy cinnamon flavour that is stuffed with a luscious shot of bittersweet chocolate. When you receive your order, your eyes will be delighted by the colourful pink bag which holds matching pink candies inside. 

An explosion for the taste buds; Chicken Bones, has been a popular candy in Atlantic Canada since the late 19th century. That's where it was invented. The sweet and spicy flavour combination is something that Atlantic Canadians especially love for the holidays. So order a few bags now so you can stock up your candy stash.

  • Hand crafted in Canada since 1885!
  • Features a resealable top to maintain freshness

one bag - 180g

Fresh Candy Shipped to Canada & the USA!

Customer Reviews

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I have not been able to purchase these in Ontario since leaving my home province of New Brunswick. I love Chicken Bones by Ganong, the best. The cinnamon flavoured candies stuffed with chocolate is a blast of taste in your mouth.