Gummi Family Pizza - 64g

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Pizza's Here!...

Pizza Has Never Been Tastier!

Fun Gummy Candy Pizza

Loaded with all the toppings, all the fun, and all the sweetness! Surely not your average pizza, this Gummi Family Pizza is slightly better!

This scrumptious treat doesn't require you to debate what toppings should go on a pizza - and if you're not fond of the crust on pizza either, you will definitely love it on this one!

With 5 perfectly cut pieces, there's enough to share for the whole family. Trick them by saying you ordered a pizza, then watch their reaction as they seemingly enjoy this awesome candy treat! Bon appétit!

At Candy Funhouse, we're all about candy and fun! Order today and bring home a fun way to enjoy your specialty pizza!

1 pc - 64g

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