Dunkaroos Vanilla Frosting - 16oz

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NEW Snack from Betty Crocker

Finally Back after all these years! Dunkaroos the classic snacks are back from Betty Crocker. Available for a limited time.

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Just like your favourite 90s snack, the epic Dunkaroos frosting is back and on it's own! Try Dunkaroos Vanilla Frosting complete with Rainbow Sprinkles, the same frosting you know and love! Decorate your cakes and cookies and everything else, or eat it straight out of the container... we won't judge.  


Fresh Snacks Shipped Within Canada & to USA! 


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Customer Reviews

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Carine Burelle

Loved this icing! Used it with teddy graham crackers and it’s just like having a childhood dunkaroo snack. Highly recommended as the value is way better than buying the single dunkaroo packs.