Doritos Burger King Flame Grilled Whopper (UK) - 180g

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Have it your way with Doritos!

"Have it your way" with the crunchy taste of Doritos Burger King Flame Grilled Whopper Chips!

These crispy Doritos Chips are imported from the UK.  They are precisely what happens when Burger King collides with Doritos, and let's just say this is a beneficial endeavour for all of us!
Each bite will reign supreme as you experience the one-of-a-kind flavour of a flame-grilled Whopper!
You'll taste the bold and vibrant flavours of the classic Whopper all in one perfectly seasoned corn chip.
Could anything align itself better? We don't think so. One bite of these crunchy Dortio Chips, and you'll be hooked.
Makes for a great movie-time snack, an after-dinner treat, or, if you can be quiet enough, a midnight snack!
Experience a "whopper" of savoury satisfaction with the Doritos Burger King Flame Grilled Whopper Chips!

Customer Reviews

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Good chips

They were very good taste just like a whopper the part that I didn’t like was how thick they were.

Sarah C.
What an amazing surprise

Got this for the what the heck factor and I was not disappointed. First off when you open the bag, it literally smells like a whopper and even weirder you get a smell of lettuce! Second, the flavour. While it doesn’t 100% give off the taste of the burger you do get a charcoal grilled flavour. This is the best surprise yet!