Cotton Candy Double Double - 50g

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Add a Boost to your Day with Coffee Cotton Candy 

Fuel your candy appetite with your must-have morning java! The Cotton Candy Double-Double!

Your cup of joe just got sweeter, fluffier, and simply irresistible! Opening up this concoction, the aromatic scent of coffee will have you drooling almost immediately. It's flavorsome, deeply rich in taste, and offers a balance of earthy and sweet flavours.

Usually found among the thrilling atmosphere of fairs, carnivals, and festivals, but with this Cotton Candy, the party starts as soon as you take your first bite!

Melting in the mouths of many since its debut in 1897. Cotton Candy, as we know it now, once went by the name of Fairy Floss. This makes sense since its inventor was a dentist!

This old-fashioned candy sent sweet shockwaves across the world when it was introduced at the World Fair in 1908, where it stole the show and became a highly popular concoction. Of course, who could resist its fluffy, cloud-like texture and the magical way it melts on our tongues?

Keep your head in the clouds and your tastebuds! With the Cotton Candy Double Double! 


Made in Canada

Customer Reviews

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Boni N.

Loved the coffee flavour of this cotton candy. I am not a big lover of cotton candy, but this flavour is great and not too sweet. Have already re-ordered it and would try some of the other flavours that are out of stock right now. Try it.