Chex Mix Remix Cheesy Pizza - 4.25oz

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Mix it up with Chex Mix

Get into the mix with Chex Mix Remix Cheesy Pizza. This pack of Chex Mix is a savoury delight for those days when you need something to really satisfy your insatiable appetite. The Chex Mix Remix is packed with cheesy-flavoured snacks that come in the following styles; Garlic & Herbs Chex, Pizza Crust Bagel Chip, Cheese Puff and Pizza Sauce Chex.

Enjoy the savoury snack on your own time, or grab a few packs and bust them out during your next get-together with your friends. We guarantee they will be a big hit among your peers, but we’d advise you to keep an eye out for how much is being drained out of the chip bowl. In that case, you have to stay stocked up on the goods, so shop away!

120g (4.25oz)

Made in the USA

Customer Reviews

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Kathy C.

Tasty. Never tried this one befote. Tasted good

Brenda M.
Chex mix remix

Delicious & heavily coated with sessoning