Christmas Cheetos Popcorn Flamin' Hot & Cheddar Holiday Gift Set

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Cheetos Holiday Gift Tin 

Chester is here with an awesome holiday gift! Enjoy a Christmas-themed gift tin with 2 of your favourite Cheetos inside: Cheetos Popcorn Flamin' Hot (7 oz) and Cheetos Popcorn Cheddar (7oz). Open the bags and mix these two together inside in the tin for a perfect Cheetos munchies experience. 

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Perfect balance of spicy and savoury. I had to hide it to save myself some. My family loved it and we want more

Tessa M
Unique Product!

We seen pictures of this product circulating on our social media and wanted to try them! Unfortunately they don’t sell them directly in Canada. My spouse used to live in the states and is now living in Canada. So the “Flamin Hot” products are definitely a staple. I came across this site and absolutely love that they carry American snacks! The shipping is fast and price is reasonable. The popcorn tasted really good too! I also loved the thoughtful touch of them included a warhead snack inside the parcel.

Cheetos Flamin' Hot Popcorn Gift Set

I'll be honest. I ordered for two reasons. The first was because C'mooooon. Cheetos! As popcorn! It's a win before it ever hit my mouth. The second reason was for nostalgia. My grandparents used to give my brother and I gift tins of flavoured popcorn (usually the triumvirate of flavours: plain, white cheddar and caramel) every year when we were kids. We'd use the tins to store toys, play them like drums, etc. Drove our parents mad. It was a bittersweet pang to have another popcorn gift tin in the house all these years after they've gone.
The itself is huge. You could store a tonne of Legos in it. The popcorn comes in two separate bags inside the tin, and the popcorn had a fresh, crunchy consistency. The bags were very full. I dare say that the Flaming Hot bag was way more full than the regular Cheetos flavour.
The Cheetos popcorn had the usual delicious, cheesy flavour every Cheetos fan loves. I'd never tried Flaming Hot Cheetos before (harder to get where I live), so it was fun giving it a taste test. The heat is slow to kick in. The flavour was really great. I'm used to spicy snacks having a very acidic nature, but this was very pleasant. If you're not a person who does spicy and wants to try it, eat two or three pieces to start and wait a minute to see how it hits you. Once the heat builds, I found the tingle-burn enjoyable. I'm going to love mixing both into my plain popcorn nights to give it random kicks of flavour AND make it last longer.
I recommend buying the Cheetos Flamin' Hot Popcorn Gift Set if you (a) want the collector's tin, and (b) love popcorn. If you don't care about either, stick to the original corn snacks. Me? I love both, so it was money well spent.

Amazing Cheetos

This tin was huge & the amount you get is incredible.
Love how the two flavours are bagged individually & give you alot.
My daughter loved it for Christmas & her brothers wanted her tin.
Amazing product, thumbs up.