Cheetos Mac'n Cheese - Flamin' Hot - 5.6oz

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Flamin' Hot Cheetos!

The infamous and dare we say one of the hottest food items on the market, Chester has gifted us spicy food connoisseurs with Cheetos Flamin' Hot Mac'n Cheese!  


    5.6 oz.

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    Great Service

    I signed up for notification of when this product would be back in stock. I received a notification quicker than expected (about a week?) and they shipped it fast. I received it before Christmas which was much appreciated. My son loves trying hot foods and sauces and the flamin hot did NOT disappoint. It was certainly hot and more of a fun experiment/novelty item. The colour was a tad concerning. He did not eat an entire bowl as we were worried it may upset his stomach in the end. We also ordered the jalapeno which we haven't tried yet. I have a feeling the jalapeno will be on point and we are excited to try it.

    Ted F.

    Came quickly

    Barb G.

    Loved this product! Shipment came quickly.


    I was fairly excited to see these were back in stock.
    Wish I could've ordered more than 2 of each as the portions per box were really small ... and we split them between 4 of us lol
    The flaming hot one was hot, but not scorching. I'm fairly white, but I enjoy spicy stuff, and I thought this was easy to handle.
    The jalapeno one was MUCH BETTER flavour wise.
    Overall the experience was great, as I love trying unusual fattening foods from the States.