Candy Funhouse Halloween Trick-or-Treat Bag

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Halloween Delivered to Your Doorstep!

Trick-or-TREAT yo' self at Candy Funhouse

When you can't make it Trick-or-Treating this Halloween season Candy Funhouse has got you covered with our Halloween Trick-or-Treat mix bag!  This bag is bursting with everything from gummies to gum, chocolate to hard candy, and if that wasn't enough, in the pure spirit of Halloween, it gives you the triumphant excitement of receiving an exclusive full-size chocolate bar! 

Bags contain the following*:

  • 1 Zombies Sour Patch Kids Theatre Box
  • 1 M&M's Cookies and Screem
  • 1 Full Size Bar (ie Kit Kat Fruity Cereal)
  • 1 Berry Bones Hotel Transylvania
  • 1 Airheads
  • 1 Fun Dip
  • 1 Candy Corn Pez
  • 1 Caramel Apple Pop
  • 1 Lemonhead Jawbreaker Small Box
  • 1 Mike and Ike Changemaker 
  • 1 Bloody Bites Glow in the Dark Vampire Fangs
  • 1 100 Grand Bar
  • 2 Deli Jeli
  • 2 Mini 3 Musketeers
  • 2 Mini Milkyway
  • 2 Monster Mash Gummies
  • 2 Mini Charleston Chews
  • 2 Popeye Candy Sticks
  • 2 Oozing eyeballs
  • 2 Minions Gummies
  • 2 Minions Lollipops
  • 2 Skittles Fun Size
  • 2 Mini Nerds Boxes
  • 2 Cry Baby Gumballs
  • 3 Barbie Gummies
  • 3 Hot Wheels Gummies
  • 4 Dum Dums
  • 4 Crack-Ups Popping Candy
  • 4 Chocolate Pumpkin Balls
  • 5 Emoji Popping Candy
  • 5 Gummy Body Parts
  • 5 Rockets Assortment Candies
  • 5 Toxic Waste Candies
  • 5 Dubble Bubble Comic Pieces

*Contents may vary slightly.

Allergen Information:  This bag was specially crafted to be Nut-Free.  Some products may have been manufactured in facilities that have nuts/tree nuts present, but they do not themselves contain and nuts in their ingredients.  Please read the ingredients of the products for further allergen information.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    Victoria-Lynn Smith
    Trick or Treat bag

    An abundant amount of candy. My daughter was thrilled. I was a bit disappointed in the lack of chocolate candy. Also too many sour candies.

    Treats for caregivers & nurses

    I wanted to show my appreciation to our hardworking caregivers and nurses. The treats were a hit!

    Michael Cairns


    Dawn Rouse
    Great treats

    Great Variety

    Jeremy Larsh

    Perfect for pinatas

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