Candy Funhouse Halloween Trick or Treat Bag

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Halloween Delivered to Your Doorstep!

Trick-or-TREAT yo' self at Candy Funhouse

When you can't make it Trick-or-Treating this Halloween season Candy Funhouse has got you covered with our Halloween Trick-or-Treat mix bag! This bag is bursting with everything from gummies to gum, chocolate to hard candy, and if that wasn't enough, in the pure spirit of Halloween, it gives you the triumphant excitement of receiving an exclusive full-size chocolate bar! 

Bags contain the following*:

Milk Chocolate Pumpkin 8
Regal Creamy Caramels 6
Crackups 6
Spooky Gummy 6
Frooties (assorted) 6
Laffy Taffy Minis 4
Jolly Rancher Original Assorted 4
Dubble Bubble Comic 4
Sour Patch Kids Giant Wrapped Kid 4
Chupa Chups Lollipop 4
Halloween Chewies 4
Gummy Body Parts 4
Toxic Waste 4
Froot Loops Gummies Fun Size 2
Nerds Grape Strawberry Mini 2
Fort Knox Gold Coins 2
Airheads Minis 2
Top Pops Taffy 2
Deli Jelli 2
Kool-Aid Popping Candy Mini 2
Nestle Assorted Mini Chocolate Bar 2
Custom Candy Funhouse Trick or Treat Bag 1
Crunch Fun Size Bar 1
Tootsie Pop 1
Popeye Candy Sticks Mini 1
Ring Pop 1
Sour Patch Kids Halloween Lollipop Dipper 1
Vidal Gummi Eyeballs 1
Kit Kat Churro 1
Fun Dip 1
Hot Tamales Mini Box 1
Fluffy Stuff Halloween Spider Web Cotton Candy 1
100 Grand Fun Size Bar 1

*Contents may vary slightly.

Allergen Information:  This bag was specially crafted to be Nut-Free.  Some products may have been manufactured in facilities that have nuts/tree nuts present, but they do not themselves contain any nuts in their ingredients.  Please read the ingredients of the products for further allergen information.


    Customer Reviews

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    Candy Funhouse Halloween Trick or Treat Bag

    They were a hit

    The bags were a hit for my daughter and neices they loved all the candy they got

    Candy Funhouse Trick-or-treat Bag

    I bought the trick-or-treat bag because it had such a great variety of candy. It was a huge hit in my house! There was candy that everyone loved! It was such a hit that my kids ate it all before Halloween! I should have bought 2 bags so that I had some to give out to our trick-or-treaters!!! As a bonus, it even came with a trick-or-treat bag that one of my grandkids used. I will definitely purchase again next year if they carry it again!

    Pleasant Surprise

    I bought 2 of these as gifts and they went over quite well and did not last. Definitely worth it.


    The stuff is great
    The people I shared with loved it