Cadbury Flake - 32g (UK)

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Cadbury Flake from Ireland

Experience the indulgent taste of the famous Cadbury Flake, and you'll enter into a decadent-tasting chocolate-filled dimension!

Imported from the UK, the Flake Chocolate Bar will certainly entice you and leave you sweetly satisfied. Deliciously made with delicate ribbons of milk chocolate folded onto each other creating an unforgettable and exquisite-tasting chocolate bar.
Upon each bite, they'll be flakes happily falling onto your hungry lips and maybe even your lap, but this is all part of the incredible Flake Bar experience!
Not only is the chocolate remarkable tasting, but the texture is one of a kind. This UK Chocolate Bar will slowly and joyfully melt on your tongue as you become mind blown at just how phenomenal tasting it is!
It comes with a sweet history as well! Discovered in 1920 when an employee working at the Cadbury factory noticed a thin stream of chocolate overflowing out of the mould creating a  beautiful sight of folded chocolate. This famous moment was the creation of the beloved Flake Chocolate Bar!
Savour the sensation, and make it the sweetest day ever with the wonderous taste of the Cadbury Flake!


Customer Reviews

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Michel Mathieu
Très bon chocolat

Merci , Candy Funhouse , pour la façon de l'envois dans un petit sac réfrigéré durant la canicule , bravo pour le service, les barres de chocolat sont arrivés intacte.
Hum Hum Bon Chocolat.

Loved by all

Ordered 10 ate 2 and should have known better to order more. Opened box around 4 teenagers who managed to get the other 8 when I blinked. Lesson learn, order more and open when alone in the house and hide them immediately.


Childhood favourite from when family would bring it over from the UK while visiting. Happy to say it hasn't changed and was amazing. It has been a few.years since we have had them and these definitely didn't disappoint.

ken mann
My wifes favourite

She loved them!

Cate Downey

Cadbury Flake UK