Cadbury Caramel Spread (UK) - 400g

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Spread the Cadbury Deliciousness!

Cadbury Caramel Spread new and ready to be added to your favorite sandwich or eaten right out of the jar. Enjoy that delicious Cadbury flavour with a touch of caramel!

400 g

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Cadbury Caramel Spread

AMAZING!! That's all I can say. It's great on waffles. I would buy again

John Pugh
Once you buy, you'll never have enough.

Bought this one time just to try. And let me tell you it puts Nutella to shame. My brother can't get enough of it either. I bet this would go AMAZING in homemade donuts. Either as a glaze or a filling.

Steven Cleall
Wow, just wow.

What a revelation, this product is amazing on pancakes, as a dip, as a cake filling or I am sure a million more uses. It is a mix of chocolate and caramel spreads, with just the right amount of both. It should be a staple of every cupboard, ignore the price, it is worth it. Candy Funhouse wrapped my jar in bubble wrap for even more enjoyment, makes you feel like a kid again.

Pam Accadia
Heaven in a jar.

My two favorite treats in one jar, having been trying it on everything, from whole almonds to toast.