Bugles Chili Cheese - 3oz

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A Classic American Snack with a Twist!

Get into the flavourful crunch of Bugles Chili Cheese!

These Bugle Chips are made in that famous funnel shape and offer an abundance of both taste and texture!

Dig into the flavours that emulate a warm bowl of chili topped off with some tangy-tasting cheese!

This American snack is expertly seasoned and is sure to satisfy those savoury cravings!

Makes a perfect snack; enjoy a handful with lunch or dig into a bag after dinner! Bugles make the most ideal midnight snack. Just don't be too noisy rattling the bag, or you'll have to share!

Discover savoury satisfaction with Bugles Chili Cheese!

85g (3oz)

Made in the USA

Customer Reviews

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Kevin W.
A nice edition to the brand

Being a lover of Bugles I had to grab these to see if they were up to the standard. Personally I prefer the cheese flavoured but that's unfair due to my believing the cheese Bugles are the best Bugles. One of the tests of a great snack of these types is just how much of the seasoning/flavouring ends up on your fingers. I am pleased to report these leave quite a bit, so enjoy cleaning your fingers after. I was not disappointed.