Bubbaloo Fresa (Strawberry) Liquid Filled Bubblegum - 47ct Box

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Bubbaloo Fresa (Strawberry) 

"Una explosion de sabor para tu dia"

Bubbaloo Fresa is a yummy bubblegum with a strawberry-filled liquid center.

This Mexican bubblegum is known for its smooth consistency, perfectly rounded shape, and delicious liquid filling. Not only does it taste amazing, the aroma as you unwrap your gum will have your mouth watering!

It is the number one gum that provides a juicy chewing experience. Did we mention, it lasts a long time too! 

Fun Facts: 

  • Bubbaloo was the first gum EVER to be liquid filled!
  • It was originally released only in Brazil and Mexico
  • It is now available in 25+ countries

Box Contains 50 Individually Wrapped Pieces 

300g | Made in Mexico

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Martha C.
Just like I remember!

It was like a flash back from my childhood. It was great!