Boston America Candy Mix Cassette

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Boston America Candy Tins

Candy Mix Cassette Tape

Boston America Corp. makes the world's most creative novelty items, fun mints, and candy tins. Cassette tapes - an iconic item of the past is now back in candy form. Get in the groove with this awesome tin of sweet red cherry candies in the shape of mini cassettes. Take a trip down memory lane with this special candy tin that holds a delectable sweet treat inside.

This would make a spectacular gift for a music lover or the nostalgic treat-hunter in your life. Makes a perfect stocking stuffer!

1 candy tin - 1.3oz


Dextrose, maltodextrin, magnesium stearate, artificial flavours, arabic gum, citric acid, carnauba wax, artificial colour (FD&C yellow no.5). For nutritional information, please visit

Customer Reviews

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Mikelle Campbell
First time ordering

My kids were so, so excited to receive a box of candy in the mail. They truly loved it all! Their top favorites were the sour balls (tear jerkers I think it's called), garbage cans, and the Big Chew gum. They were just so thrilled to receive such an amazing surprise! Will order again for sure!

Johanne Cote
Cassette candy

I bought it for the little box I was born in the cassette generation it expensive for the candy shape that you have in the box it taste ok but not that good I like the box


Use to order from a different company and felt we were not getting what we paid for, was always light. Received our very first box, my wife had little trouble picking it up, as it was quite heavy. Opened the box and found everything from chips to chocolate what a sight it was. WOW! Just WOW!