Bob Ross Make Your Own Gummy Kit

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Create Your Own Masterpiece

Not a painter? Don't worry, this Bob Ross Make Your Own Gummy Kit will make your feel like one! This kit comes with everything you need to make beautiful and tasty gummies in 4 Fruity Flavors: Lemon, Blue Raspberry, Strawberry, and Green Apple. Make squirrels, palettes, brushes, and of course happy little trees. The kit comes complete with mold tray, colorful gummy mixes, instruction booklet and super sour powder. Continue Bob Ross' legacy by making your own delicious art candy.

Fun Fact: Bob Ross didn't want his artwork in museums. He only wanted to teach painting because he just wanted others to believe they can do it too! He wanted people to understand that anybody can make beautiful paintings like he did, with the right technique and guidance. Bob proved to us all that simply believing in yourself is key to receive excellent results. His positive beliefs & noticeable talent drew inspirations from people all around the world. Bob's joyful personality was truly contagious whether he was on or off camera, and that's why Bob is so loved up until this day.

The perfect holiday gift for artists, art-lovers, or Bob Ross fans in your life! 

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Customer Reviews

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micca borer
cute, clean and fun!

bought this for my mom and its dope. there's sour powder for the candies, molds, etc. doesn't take long to heat up the water and stuff. 10/10

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