Gustaf's Black Licorice Laces

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Black Licorice Laces Shoe String Licorice Candy

Play with your Licorice Candy and eat it too!

Black Licorice Laces are a classic licorice favourite for those who like to play with their food a little bit! Gustaf's brings you a classic licorice flavour and the perfect licorice chew!

Great for weddings, corporate events, birthdays, parties of all kind! These 2 lbs (0.907 kg) candy bags are just the thing to add to your black themed candy buffet.

Non-GMO Yes
MSG Free Yes
No Artificial Colors Yes
No Artificial Flavors Yes
High Fructose Corn Syrup Free Yes
Low Sodium Yes
Peanut Free Yes
Tree Nut Free Yes

Customer Reviews

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Excellent Product

I have bought this product many times . It’s def worth the money, you get a lot and it tastes so fresh. If you didn’t have a limit on eating black licorice it would be gone quick. Def recommend

Heather H.

I was so glad when I found these, as they are very hard to find, love the freshness and the taste

Grant I.
Best black licorice ever

My wife found this licorice in a candy store in our city. I was thrilled as we finally found an excellent black licorice but it was expensive. I went on line and found that Candy Funhouse had it at a more reasonable price. I have tried all the brands typically found in candy stores (Haribo, Panda) but none that were as good as Gustafs. I ordered three 2 lb bags and the only bad thing is that it is almost gone in 3 weeks.

Simply the best

Very fresh and flavor is spot on. Could not find these anywhere in stores anymore. Wish they were a tad less in price but the same can be said for most other things.

anthony p.
licorice laces

you cannot buy these in bulk around here anymore--so i jumped at the chance to get some and its well worth it the flavor is everything