Ben and Jerry's Tony's Chocolonely Chocolate Love A-Fair - 180g

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White Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake

Limited Edition

Be swept off your feet with this remarkable collaboration of Ben and Jerry's Ice cream and Tony's Chocolonely Chocolate Bar.

Our pal Tony partnered with his ice cream-making friends, Ben and Jerry. They created a chocolate bar after the famous Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream.
This American Chocolate bar features a bar of creamy white chocolate loaded with bits of sensationally sweet strawberries and crunchy cookie pieces. Truly a match made in ice cream/chocolate heaven!!!
Every bite is delectable, filled with incredible taste and extraordinary texture. Tony's Chocolonely is superbly satisfying!
Get crazy about Tony! With the Ben and Jerry's Tony's Chocolonely Love A-fair White Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake!

Commitment to end modern slavery.

Ben & Jerry's has officially joined Tony's Chocolonely mission to end modern slavery in the cocoa industry! They tickled each other’s taste buds to celebrate the commitment with two tasty, new limited-edition bars! 


Customer Reviews

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Kevin W.
Massive creamy goodness

When I saw this bar after the unboxing I was really surprised by how huge it was. But biting into it... I'll admit white chocolate and the cookies and cream type I don't enjoy as much as I do milk chocolate but this really won me over. It was creamy and quite delicious and it took me a couple of days to eat it because it was too much for even me in one sitting. Honestly I was kind of expecting something more generic and lower quality because of how big Ben and Jerry's is, being corporate and all, so it was a nice surprise they didn't cheap out. I would definitely recommend this for any fan of white chocolate or the cream type chocolate bars.