Christmas Beech's Dark Chocolate Raspberry Fondants - 90g

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British Chocolate Since 1920

Treat yourself to some delicious extravagance with Beech's Dark Chocolate Raspberry Fondants.

Beech's has been serving up traditional British chocolate since 1920. Made with natural ingredients for an authentic chocolate experience.
These Dark Chocolate Raspberry Fondants hold inside a creamy and rich-tasting raspberry fondant that is covered in a layer of fine dark chocolate. Made using real raspberries, creating an extraordinary taste of pure luxury.
Make the moments count with Beech's Dark Chocolate Raspberry Fondants!

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Customer Reviews

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Kevin Wemple
Decadence comes in a small creamy package

I had never heard of this brand at all but not British that might make sense since they are supposed to be famous across the pond. These are similar to the iconic After Eights creamy mint wafers in that these are a creamy raspberry centre surrounded by a lovely coating of chocolate. I absolutely love these things and how often do you see a raspberry version of candy? It works, these are delicious and just ooze decadence. These I would rate as a must have especially if you have a love for After Eight style candy.

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