Astronaut Ice Cream Sandwich Neapolitan - 32g

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Space Food

You don't need to be near a freezer to enjoy an ice cream sandwich! With Astronaut Ice Cream Sandwich Neapolitan you'll enjoy that iconic flavour combination of cookie and luscious ice cream in one bite. Astronaut Ice Cream Sandwich is made with 100% real ice cream. It's made by our American neighbours, too. 

Astronaut Ice Cream Sandwich Neapolitan has a 3-year shelf life, so you can stock up without worry. Astronauts love ice cream, too! Walk in the footsteps of our space explorers and enjoy ice cream in a high-tech way. 

If you love the taste of Neapolitan, Astronaut Ice Cream Sandwich Neapolitan is the luscious treat you've been craving.


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    Jeet Mann
    Delightful Surprise

    Was not expecting to be so good. Was very good.

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