Halloween Annabelle Giant Chewy Assortment - 35oz

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Snack-Sized Blasts-to-the-Past!

     Give away a taste of nostalgia this Halloween with this deluxe pack of assorted Annabelle's retro candy bars! Whether you put these in your candy bowl to hand out or save at least some to snack on yourself (it's okay, we know everyone is a little guilty of this), these are some delicious treats that'll take you back.

     Unwrap an Abba-Zabba for a savoury taffy treat that you bite into to reveal the hidden, creamy peanut butter center. Tear open a Big Hunk for a peanut-packed, chewy, honey-sweetened nougat snack, or grab a Look! for that same yummy taste but then enveloped in rich dark chocolate. No matter what route you take, you're guaranteed a sweet ending!

     One bag comes with a boatload of sweet fun, clocking in at nearly a kilo of scrumptious, snack-sized goodies that you'll surely be tempted to keep all for yourself!

Trick-or-TREAT yo' self at Candy Funhouse!

35oz / 992g | 1 large bag 

Customer Reviews

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Katie Sunderland
My favs

I love these and the bite size makes them easier to eat

Strangely more-ish

While you still have teeth, sink them into these! Again, even at 1/2 price they are a bit pricey but really addictive.